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Putt Like A Pro

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Putt Like A Pro

 I love golf fittings. I love the process. Maybe I’m a bit of a gearhead, but spending a few hours outside on a range hitting golf balls tracked by Trackman is my idea of a good time. It definitely beats staring at my computer. I’ve been fit several times. And each time I come away with the confidence knowing this set of clubs is custom for me. My swing, my swing flaws, uniquely for me. Golf clubs are an extension of your arms, they should feel like part of you. And when they do, you play better.

The funny thing is, in all these years I’ve never had a putter fitting. I guess I never thought it was necessary. Not because I’m a great putter (because I’m not), but because how much fitting really goes into a putter choice? I always just tried out different ones, and the one that felt good was the one I went with. Over the years I’ve had blades, toe-heel, and face balanced putters. All had their pros and cons, and I just used what “felt” right at that time. You’d think that your number one scoring club would be the one you’d fit first. That may now become the new trend.

The same data collection and science behind Trackman is now available from the Science and Motion Sports (SAM) PuttLab. SAM is a putting analysis and training system based on extremely accurate ultrasound measurements.  The SAM analyzes the 28 most important putting stroke parameters. It can accurately identify your putting strengths and weaknesses and help fit you with the right putter. In fact, you could see Dustin Johnson honing is putting stroke last week with the SAM PuttLab in preparation for his first major win at the U.S. Open.

My putter fitting was outside, on a real green. SAM PuttLab fitting of Dallas not only recommended the right putter for me, but also identified what my putting tendencies were. This made me more aware on the greens and helped me to focus on those things that had an immediate impact on my score. This is definitely a small investment you can make in golf that will yield a big improvement in your game. I highly recommend it. You don’t have to be Dustin to benefit from the same technology he uses. Like many other tour pros who benefit from the SAM PuttLab technology to help their game, now we can too.

Reality says I won’t be able to drive the ball or hit my irons like a pro, but I can putt like one. Getting a SAM PuttLab fitting is a great start.


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