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Scotty Cameron Putting Cup...How do you use Yours?

There are many times, during the course of a standard working week, when it's possible to practice and improve your golf. The average person does not have time to get to the golf course or even the driving range or practice greens every week. However, that should not be a reason to miss out on practice that week. In fact, it's possible to improve a very important part of your golf game, putting, during the course of your working day.


Many golfers like to either play a round of golf or go to the driving range and in doing so, miss out on practicing with the putter. With thanks to the stylish Scotty Cameron Putting Cup, this can become a thing of the past and putting practice becomes possible and fun, wherever you are.

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If you work in an office, this can be a great place to improve your putting, especially if there is a fine carpet in place on the floor. Simply place your Scotty Cameron Putting Cup on your office floor and starting quite close to the Putting Cup, try to hit the ball in to it. Once you are consistently successful at the first distance, move a foot away and try again. See how far away you can get using 5 balls and then start again. Once you are competent using 5 balls, try 10 and increase your distance away from the cup each time. This game will help with your putting alignment and also your distance control.


As an alternative to the game above, there is also a great way to get in to the frame of mind for a round of golf. Place your Scotty Cameron Putting Cup next to a wall and distribute balls at random throughout your living room or office space. Then, work your way from one ball to the next, attempting to make a successful putt. Do not re-attempt any of the putts, keep going until you have hit every ball. The reason for not stopping or re-attempting any of the putts, is that when your are on the golf course, you will only get one attempt at the shot, regardless of the outcome. By using your Putting Cup in this way, you train your mind to think as you should on the golf course. The key being not to dwell on the result of the previous shot and think instead about preparing for the next one.


Therefore, next time to you are on the green, you won't be thinking to yourself 'I always get those in practice' because you will have trained your mind to think about your next putt and your next putt only. Thus avoiding any negative thinking, which can destroy a round a golf.


These great games are just two ways that you can use your Scotty Cameron Putting Cup to improve your golf, both physically and mentally. With a bit of imagination and creativity, we're sure you can think of some others too.


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