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Choosing The Right Putter - Putter Balance

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Choosing The Right Putter - Putter Balance

This is a very important topic to discuss when selecting the right putter, Putter Balance. Many people make the claim when selecting a putter, "just go with what feels good." While the statement is completely false, you need to know why it "feels good." Usually the basic feel of a putter is based on it's balance.

Putters are weighted differently to suit different types of stroke. If you have a conventional open-square-closed stroke, then you should be choosing a putter which is toe weighted. 

If, on the other hand you are trying to achieve a straight back and straight through stroke, the best style of putter for you will be a face-balanced putter.

Imagine you had the putter balanced on your palm - or on a table like in the picture. If the face points up to the sky, parallel to the horizon, then it's a face balanced putter. If the toe settles lower than the rest of the putter then it's a toe-balanced putter or toe-hang putter. 6 of the top 10 putters in the world use toe-balanced putters, and as you take into account the entire PGA the numbers slide dramatically in the favor of toe-balanced putters.

A face balanced putter is designed to stay as square to the putter path as possible through the stroke. You would think therefore that everyone should be choosing a putter like this, but you'd be wrong. Most people putt with an open-square-closed stroke where the putter moves on a slight arc (sometimes known as an in-to-in stroke or a barn door stroke). This is the most natural way to putt and toe-weighted putters are designed to work most effectively with this type of stroke.

Because the putter weightings are designed for these different styles of stroke, the last thing you want is a putter that's working against the shape of your stroke. When you're choosing a putter, weighting should be your first consideration.

So make that decision now and you make the job of choosing a putter a whole lot easier by eliminating about half of the options. We will cover more steps to selecting the right putter in the coming days.

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